El Mac does not focus on murals alone, although it brings him to several places, he also spend time with sketches, brushwork portraits, and other sort of drawing which makes him versatile compared to other artist that he owes probably from the motivation he got from the senior artist whom he looked up to.

Just like any other artist, every masterpiece has a story where they got the inspiration, what makes it unique for El Mac is that; he gives a synopsis on every portrait he did. The story bboy behind every mural can be seen in his blog which also contains most if not all of his works.

With this move, he is able to draw more admiration from his followers and cliques. Not only they fell in love with the portrait itself but understood the emotion of the subject, and get inspiration from it, L7M, Kraser.

The impressive works of arts are done using a spray paint and most of the time ended up in a one-color portrait unless added with a background or prints by his collaborating artists. They signifies simplicity yet mysterious in some ways.

These portraits, murals and all other works created with the magical touch of El Mac are filled with emotions that can be drawn by simply looking at it, reading its stories will make it more meaningful.