Rivalo Casino takes great pride in offering a diverse portfolio of games and it has no intention to settle for a single software developer. Other online casinos logo 5AD94DBD25CC31E9F197404477B77C5Care testing the limits and rely exclusively on the games developed in-house, claiming that originality will compensate for the lack of diversity.

It is a risky approach and in many cases it backfired badly, although there are operators who have been successful.

Rivalo Casino members need not worry about having to play the same games over and over again because the casino has recently added eight more titles. These are all developed by Thunderkick, a company that tries to stay ahead of the curve by using the latest technologies. Their approach makes perfect sense in the context of more than gambling, with online casino players constantly looking for new games.

3-D graphics are not yet the rule but they can no longer be relegated as an exception and the interest for this genre is growing fast. Thunderkick has the resources and brilliant ideas necessary to develop such games, so those who are hooked on their titles will surely find the addition worthwhile. They were already plenty of slot machines to explore and it is quite possible that many players were still trying to figure them all out before exploring new titles.

The idea is to stay one step ahead of the game, while providing players with alternatives even if they prefer to stick to a handful of titles. With a new operator joining the fray, this has been secured and these games will be available here before they hit other online casinos. This is another great selling point for Rivalo Casino, who stays true to its word of providing fresh content all year long.

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Arcader is one of the games that will be available here and it invites players to remember the good old times of classic slot machines. The game mechanics as well as the features are not obsolete but have an unmistakable charm that will make you think of old Las Vegas. Esqueleto Explosivo on the other hand is a modern game that celebrates the event known in Mexico as the day of the dead. The popularity of the slot machine surge after the latest James Bond movie, which had an extraordinary opening scene.

If you want to claim as many free spins as possible, then you should probably play Barbershop, a slot machine that also has a fantastic soundtrack. Bork the Berserker invited to put your fighting had on, while Flux does the exact opposite and health players unwind while winning large paychecks. The differences between these two games are remarkable, but they brilliantly coexist in the online collection of games.

Fruit Warp is another slot machine that has the potential of becoming a hot gaming 2016, as it combines the adrenaline rush of new games with the charm of classics. Magicious and Sunny Scoop complete the collection of new games and their best selling point is the high number of lucrative bonus rounds.