Playing poker online presents the fans with the opportunity of enjoying their favorite game for free, as most of the games are available on virtual currency. While this is a great way of getting familiar with the environment, sooner or later players will want to make the transition to real money games.

When this happens, they need to know which are the most effective and inexpensive ways of depositing and withdrawing funds, without cutting down on security.

Conventional payment methods

Back in the day, players used to rely almost exclusively on bank transfers for both depositing and cashing out funds and thie financial instrument is still very popular. It has the advantage of being extremely secure, therefore more suitable for transferring large amounts, but it is slower than electronic wallets and credit cards.


Under normal circumstances the funds will reach their destination in between 3 and 5 days.
The bank cheque can be included in the same category of payment solutions preferred by conventional gamblers. It is also the slowest and it takes almost one month for money to arrive, which explains why its popularity is dwindling.

Innovative financial instruments

Electronic wallets have proved their worth over and over again and they are nowadays the ones used routinely by poker players. Click2Pay is a shining example of secure payment method, with no commissions being charged and players can create a personal account for free.

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Moneybookers users enjoy the same advantages and with this e-wallet being one of the first to serve poker players, it had plenty of time to build a rocksolid reputation. All transactions are regulated and the costs are less than 1%, with money being transferred in and out immediately. Neteller can be included in the same category, with instant transactions and low commissions, as they charge slightly more, 1.75%.

Both these electronic wallets have a MasterCard associated to the account, so players dispose of their cash instantly. They are accepted at most online and land-based merchants so there are no shortcomings and so far there were no complaints regarding the security of these transactions. E-wallets allow players to enjoy the best of both worlds, as they benefit from the unmatched convenience of instant transfers and access to their money through debit cards.