Chelsea has six points in front of Manchester City and also one game in hand, so it is only fair to assume that the blues will be winning the trophy after all. manchester

The runners-up missed out on numerous winning opportunities and failed miserably over the last couple of rounds, therefore ruining all their chances.

Only a miracle can help them replicate the stunning comeback of 2014, but it is most unlikely that Chelsea will commit the same mistakes as Liverpool.
Speaking of which, the Reds are one of the resurgent teams and despite the catastrophic season start, they are now within striking distance of the leading pack.

They still have five points to recuperate if they are to play in a European league next season, but they have higher expectations than that. Even though the Champions League groups look like a bridge too far at the time of writing, Liverpool has both the stamina and the determination to make a run for it.

Far better placed in this race are the other guys wearing red, more precisely the players of Manchester United who sit in the fourth place with a cool 59 points. At least in theory, finishing in the fourth place will guarantee a presence in the Champions League’s group stage, as they will have to defeat an opponent in the double leg it round first. It goes without saying that they will be overwhelming favorites regardless of the team they are pit against, but there is no need to go through all this trouble.

It will be much easier for them to simply finish on the third-place, or if they can stay focused in the remaining rounds even in the second place. Right now, it is Arsenal that sits in the last place of the podium, with just one point ahead of Manchester United, but they are on an offensive roll.

The good news for the Red Devils is that Arsenal and Liverpool will square off over the weekend in a game that could go either way and a draw would benefit them greatly.

Manchester City is still chasing the leader but have only theoretical chances and the players have almost lost any hope. Following their disappointing elimination from the most important European competition, they suffered back-to-back defeats in the domestic championship. Unlikely as it seems, it is still possible for them to miss the Champions League’s group stage if they don’t return to their winning ways soon.

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